The Association of Public Libraries of the Netherlands (VOB) consists of more than 160 members, a board and a bureau. Together we work on the common interests of public libraries, the provincial support organizations (POIs) and the national organizations. The VOB unites our public libraries industry.

Public libraries provide services to around six million users – of which there are 3,7 million members – and all schools. The social, cultural, educational and economic value of libraries is large with more than 100 million visits (physical and digital). 6,700 people (4000 fte) have a job in the public library. Our industry converts around 500 million euros.


The VOB serves interests on behalf of its members, the public libraries in the Netherlands. In addition, the association takes responsibility for the functioning of the network of library services.

The VOB is a branche asssociation that acts responsibly, flexibly and demand-driven as a stakeholder, contracting party, service provider, meeting place and employers organization. Strengthening the social role of members is central so that in our society everyone has access to good information and opportunities to develop themselves, at every level.